Nursing care in your home

We have the clinical and allied health service expertise to meet your complex health needs in Albany, Denmark and the Great Southern region.

  • Annual health assessments
  • Physiotherapy and mobility sessions
  • Monitoring, dressing and managing your wounds
  • Advice from a dietitian
  • Referrals to other health specialists
  • Communication with your GP
  • Supplying you with continence aids
  • Assistance with stoma care

Keeping you healthy

You might have a dressing that needs to be changed or vital signs that are being monitored to keep you healthy and on top of your wellness.

There may be even types of medication that you need a nurse to give you, such as an injection or someone that is able to manage a catheter. For these types of services, you can expect professional and expert assistance from our team of nurses and clinical staff.

Getting you back on track

If you are having a health condition monitored, you can expect quick and effective follow up. This might be for a long-term condition, or for a severe episode of illness, an urgent medical condition, or during recovery from surgery.

We will ensure that you are referred appropriately to other medical services as needed, to keep you in the best health possible in your own home.

Coordinating your care

If you are a client of ours, we will coordinate your care with your team of health providers to ensure that we can work together to keep you at home for as long as you can manage. If you get admitted to hospital we will work with them to ensure you can return home with our support as soon as you can.

Arranging clinical services

Home care package clients

If you have a home care package you are able to get clinical services from us at anytime using the funds available from your package. If you are an existing client of ours we can arrange this through your current support plan.

If your package is managed by yourself or by another provider, then you can contact us to arrange clinical services for you and we will bill either you or your provider as you wish.

Private clients

You can arrange clinical services from us at any time as a service that you purchase privately. We charge an hourly rate and can arrange this as you need it or as part of a structured program you would like us to plan for you.

You do not need to commit to a contract or a minimum number of visits, and can adjust your services whenever you wish.

We also operate many clinical programs for other local home care providers, and you can ask them to use if for your complex clinical care if you are a client with them too. They broker the service to us, and charge our rates to your package.

You can discuss your options with us at any time.

The DVA Community Nursing Program

We can deliver all the clinical services that you are eligible for based on your assessment in the DVA Community Nursing program that we are approved to provide by the Department of Veteran's Affairs.

Contact us to discuss how you can get started with clinical services