Home maintenance and gardening

We can ensure that your home is well-maintained inside and out, giving you the confidence to remain there for as long as you feel you can manage.

Here are some different options we offer:

  • Improving safety
  • Seasonal maintenance
  • Routine maintenance
  • Assistance with decluttering
  • Gardening

Improving safety

There are many options that could improve your feeling of safety in the home, and we can chat about this with you at any time. Generally, we do an initial assessment when we first start services with you to identify any safety concerns, but others may arise over time.

We can assess your home and needs at any point, and together we can take a look at some options that might include many things.

  • Adding handrails
  • Installing ramps
  • Improving the lighting around steps
  • Installing hand-held showers
  • Removing shower screens
  • Adjusting bench heights
  • Installing platforms and hoists
  • Replacing a gas stove with electric
  • Ensuring rugs have a slip-resistant backing
  • Clearing paths and walkways in your garden
  • Ensuring that hoses are replaced and easy to use
  • Changing the battery of your smoke alarm annually

Seasonal maintenance

We encourage our clients to make sure that the following tasks are done in Spring and Autumn each year.

Have a look to see if you think you can manage them on your own, with a bit of assistance, or if you would prefer us to arrange someone to do some or all of these tasks for you each year. We can book you in for one or many of these services based on what you think you will need.


  • Spring clean: thoroughly clean the oven, fridge, bath, shower, toilet, mirrors, dust and vacuum your whole house, and wash all your bedding. Clean the lint filter in your clothes dryer.
  • Garden tidy-up: you might like a hand removing a build up of plant matter and weeds that have grown over the wetter months to keep your garden looking neat, but also improving your safety to walk about your garden.
  • Fridge: defrost and clean out your fridge and ensure that your food is within expiry dates.
  • Windows, doors and screens: clean your windows and doors and inspect to ensure that they are safe to use. Repair or replace damaged screens and locks to allow ventilation in the hot summer.
  • Cooling: check your cooling systems are working before the summer heat hits and arrange any repairs as required e.g. test that the air conditioner, fans and blinds are working.
  • Dust: clean your fans and dust air conditioner vents.
  • Lights: check all light-bulbs are working throughout your home and change as required or arrange repair if switches are not working.
  • Fire safety: weed your lawn and garden beds to remove any scrub or debris that could be a fire hazard, prune back any trees that are growing too close to your house.


  • Autumn clean: thoroughly clean the oven, fridge, bath, shower, toilet, mirrors, dust and vacuum your whole house, and wash all your bedding. Clean the lint filter in your clothes dryer.
  • Getting ready for winter: get your winter clothes and bedding out of storage and add additional blankets to your bed.
  • Smoke alarm: change your smoke alarm batteries and test that they are all working.
  • Electrical check: check all electrical appliances to ensure they are safe to use with a residual current device (e.g. hairdryers, heaters, toaster, kettle, oven, fridge, electric blankets).
  • General check: tighten any handles, knobs, and doors around the home and check washers on taps.
  • Torch: ensure you have a torch with fresh batteries handy in case of blackouts handy.
  • Heating: check that your heating systems are working before winter (e.g. gas and electric heaters) and arrange for your chimney to be cleaned if in use.
  • Gutters: clear your gutters of leaves.
  • Roof: look for damaged, loose or missing tiles on your roof or evidence of leaking in your ceiling space.
  • Trees: prune any trees back to be clear of your house, fences and power lines and secure any loose objects in your backyard in case of storms.

Routine maintenance

We have clients that schedule an hour each month for us to take care of any routine maintenance around their homes. This could include changing light-bulbs, lubricating door hinges to make them easier to open, tightening screws in door knobs, and anything else that may need some attention.

There may be other larger issues that need attention such as if your hotplates may stop working, or you need to replace an oven to allow you to continue to cook for yourself.

It is important to keep your home well-maintained so that you can continue to live there as long as you wish. If the time comes that you would like to look at relocating to a retirement village, living with a relative, or moving into a nursing home, you will find it much easier to sell or rent your home out if everything has been kept in good working order.

Assistance with clutter

If you need some assistance removing items from your house you no longer need, let us know you need help. We can assist you to donate unwanted furniture and clothes to charities if they have value, or assist you to dispose of them if not.

Clearing your home of clutter will assist you to move around safely, along with ensure that you have room for the things that you might need.


Gardening is a standard general service that many of our clients choose to keep their homes safe and enjoyable. We can come by on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to keep things tidy for you, or otherwise be booked in for several hours a few times a year to tackle some bigger projects.

You might enjoy spending your time in the garden, and so we can even come by to garden with you and keep you company while we get the jobs done together.

Arranging home maintenance and gardening services

Home care package clients

If you have a home care package, we can book in your seasonal home maintenance program as part of your budget and follow up with any other routine maintenance as needed through the funds available to you in your package.

If you are with another provider, then we can work with them to ensure that you get this service within your package funds.

Private clients

We can arrange this as part of a structured weekly program if there are other needs that you would like assistance with as well. Our staff all have current and clear national police clearances and are experienced in providing home maintenance services.

You do not need to commit yourself to anything beyond the one-off service. Book us in whenever you would like some assistance in your home or garden.

Contact us to discuss how you can get started with our home maintenance and gardening program